Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sylvia Ji

A native of San Francisco, Sylvia Ji has been producing amazing paintings for years now, and frankly, it's disappointing how little national attention her work has garnered, despite numerous showings across America. This may be because her subject matter is limited mostly to paintings of women with a Day of the Dead catrina motif, which, without actually seeing them, can sound a little trite and over-worked. I mean, we've all seen Mexican folk art, right?  However, each piece I've encountered is so completely different and more amazing than the next that one cannot help but admire her mastery of the subject. Few people are able to capture both whimsy and a direct sensuality that doesn't beat you over the head in a single piece, but Ji pulls it off nicely. This isn't hurt by a strong collaboration with the bevy of beautiful ladies of alt-porn website , a competitor of the widely loved/hated Suicide girls franchise. Ji worked with several Godsgirls models in creating a portraiture exhibition with fellow artist Joshua Petker entitled, "Behind Bedroom Doors." Steamy and stunning is about all I can say about it, but you can decide for yourself.

For more amazing images from Sylvia Ji's portfolia, visit her website:

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