Friday, December 21, 2012

Chris Maynard

So some people love cars. Some people are into feet, whatever. That's cool. Then there's Chris Maynard, who is, quote: "Obsessed with feathers". His obsession, however niche, has translated beautifully into a body of art work that is both aesthetically pleasing and nuanced. While normally I tend to cast stink eyes on any artist that produces only one specific subject matter: your blue dogs, warpy buildings, your silhouetted jazz musicians, Maynard happens to bring something new to the table each time while maintaining his feather-cutting media. The result is not kitsch, but an exploration of color and texture. I've selected a few of my favorites of Maynard's work, but please check out his site for more examples of his original technique.

Check out more of Chris Maynard's work at the aptly named: