Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Simon Bent

In a world dominated by a constant stream of images and sounds, work, and "modern life", it becomes easy to simply stop thinking for ourselves, and allow a comfortable mindlessness to wash over us in in a constant high tide of consumer-driven media. A thinking life becomes an endless struggle against a system that has so much control over your being, your body, your soul. I cannot fault people for taking the easy way out.  This, however, makes those individuals that still grasp for a better understanding of the human condition all the more precious--wizard philosophers of untold understanding to whom few can relate, and ever fewer can understand. This is why I find the graphic design series "Science versus Delirium" of Simon Bent all the more mesmerizing. His psychadelic transformations of the scientific and philosopher giants of the past boosts them to an almost godlike state of adoration (or at least to the state of the Beatles circa yellow submarine, but I digress). In an era where love of football trumps the safety of children, and war is the answer to everything, it's important to recognize the great minds that have questioned our animalistic desires, our irrational fears, and our eternal ignorance, in hopes of reestablishing our place in Eden.

These images belong to Simon Bent, and if he had a website, I would post it here. Use your google powers.

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