Thursday, January 27, 2011


I first ran into the work of French artist, McBess on the now defunct art critique forum, Eatpoo. He was there for critique on his large volume of illustration, I was snooping around for inspiration. To cut a long story short, McBess was one of the people that got me back into drawing again, and renewed my faith in the animation medium. His work has obvious influence from early 20th century animators like Disney and the kids over at Merry Melodies, but his style is unmistakable. Many of his images revolve around a mystical dreamscape, where pirates, ghosts, and dangerously cute topless girls are he norm. The depth of each piece is wonderful, and few people can transfer palpable textures to two-dimensional animation like he can.  Beside his work as an illustrator, McBess has also produced several short animations, mostly surrounding his band, the Dead Pirates. Yes, this man does everything...and he has a wonderful beard.

Check out more work by McBess at his website:

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